Dundee Service Jam

The Global Service Jam is a community of Jams taking place internationally over one weekend annually, stating that participants have ‘Just 48 hours to change the World’. The non-profit event encourages thousands of people interested in services and using a design-based approach to problem solving and creativity to meet in around 100 locations worldwide.

Photo by: Kathryn Rattray

Photo by: Kathryn Rattray

In the spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams develop and prototype new services inspired by a secret shared theme. At the end of the weekend, developed services are published to the world via an online platform.

The Jam works in a similar way to a jamming session, but it’s not music produced – it’s ideas. Jammers vary from designers to students, business to unemployed people, and customers to parents; all who have the opportunity to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. Through ‘doing, not talking’, they are encouraged to turn ideas into functioning prototypes which could be made a reality. This is done through a process of learning and implementing new service design tools; ‘hitting the streets’ to engage the community; prototyping in a rapid lo-fi manner with the likes of cardboard and Play-Doh; and sharing experiences on Skype with other global Jams. While the Jam encourages experimentation and innovation, it’s also about meeting new people and having fun.

Photo by: What Kristen Saw

Linsey, along with Professor Mike Press of DJCAD, initiates and co-ordinates the Dundee Service Jam alongside an ever changing, yet dedicated team of volunteers. As with all the Global Jams, the Dundee event is known for it’s fast-paced energetic approach; exciting link ups with Twin Jams such as Beirut and Curitiba; inspirational mentorship and talks from professionals and sponsors; and global dance-off challenges. On its debut in 2013, the Dundee Service Jam was noted as one of the top ten largest jams in the world.